Every Day Forward: 365 Inspirational Reflections

Have you ever wanted to do something different but didn’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you have a dream in your heart but fear won’t allow you to take the first step. Maybe you lack the daily encouragement and support to get you moving. “Every Day Forward” provides daily inspiration and encouragement to get unstuck and go beyond. Through motivational quotes and reflective questions, you will embark on a journey that produces results. The meditations can be done as an individual or group study. This toolkit will empower you to move forward and achieve the best in life!

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Fruit in Every Season

Fruit in Every Season is a practical bible study that allows the reader to discover how to have leaves that never wither. The study allows individuals and groups to study the causes of withering leaves and the components that hinder them from producing fruit. Through application of the study, readers will learn the importance of: controlling their thought life, guarding their environment, and staying connected to a life-giving source. It is very possible to thrive and produce fruit in every season! You no longer have to be bound by life’s ups and downs. You can move forward and be productive regardless of what the enemy or life brings your way.

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Beyond Stuck:
Creating the Life You Want

This book is a personal guide for those who desire to go to the next level. Whether you have a business you want to pursue or achieve a greater level in your career path or other personal goals, this book will provide guidance in your journey. It asks the powerful questions needed to uproot negative thinking patterns and positions you for forward movement. You will develop action plans and practical goals to achieve your greatest potential. The book provides an introspective, workbook-style passage through discovery of who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. At its completion, you will gain more clarity, direction and motivation to go after the life you desire.

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Living the Limitless Life: Walking in the Realm of Possibility

Have you ever wondered if there is more for you than what you currently see? Well, there is! In Living the Limitless Life, Chilesa Jones Ready encourages you to leave the realm of mediocrity as she offers a practical guide to dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges including: Overcoming your past Embracing your individuality Believing despite your failures As she shares pieces of her personal journey, you will be inspired to reach beyond your hang ups and mess ups and begin to see yourself as God sees you…an empowered individual without boundary and without limit!

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The Five Week Marriage Tune-Up Devotional

“The Five Week Marriage Tune-Up Devotional” is the book every couple needs to enhance their marriage! Through this five week journey, husbands and wives will discover biblical principles around the following core topics: communication, money, trust, companionship and sex/intimacy. The format allows couples to read a brief devotional, pray and work through a daily challenge in just a few minutes each day. If you’re ready to go to the next level in your relationship, this is an absolute must read!

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The Five Week Marriage TUNE-UP

Marriages today have encountered numerous challenges in our ever-changing society of busyness and the ease with which we can pack up and leave. God designed marriage to
last a lifetime and to be fulfilling and healthy. This book gives insight into five major elements that make for a vibrant marriage. Whether your marriage is faltering and you need intervention strategies or your marriage is healthy and you would like to strengthen it, this book ministers to couples on all levels.

In five weeks, this practical journey will lead you and your spouse into a deeper level of intimacy and a greater resolve to stay committed to a lifetime of marriage.

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Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope

A chronological overview of a unique form of musical expression, “Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope” highlights influential individuals and pivotal events that created, developed, and sustained the gospel music genre. Thoughtfully constructed and expressed, the book gives a general outline of the black experience and examines the importance and impact of gospel music around the world. This study of the genre prior to and during the transatlantic slave trade, to its progression during the civil rights era, and on to the present day is told via extensive research and examples of representative lyrics and musical scores.

Available in softback and hardback.

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Faith that Wins

Have you ever faced insurmountable odds and felt you could not take the next step? Have you allowed discouragement to keep you from achieving your dreams? Do you feel stuck and unsure of how to move to the next level? Developing Faith that Wins is for you and will guide you through the process of faith! Encouraging testimonies from the author will recharge your faith tank as you discover simple steps to use your faith in getting results. Developing Faith that Wins is a great resource to a small group study on faith and achieving success.

Learn how to:

  • wait patiently for the right mate
  • forgive and move forward after hurtful situations
  • use your faith to achieve your dreams
  • believe God for things that seem impossible

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GOD’S Masterpiece

Have you ever wondered how you can juggle life and still achieve the purpose God has for you? Are you overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, career, or marriage? Do you long to live stress-free and still leave your mark on the world? If so, God’s Masterpiece: Weaving Together the Pieces of Your Life is a must-read that will engage you in a personal journey to find your purpose and achieve God’s best for your life. Women from all walks of life will benefit from this practical information on how to reach your divine destiny and accomplish your unique purpose.

You will learn how to:

  • discover your destiny
  • balance work, motherhood and marriage
  • use your talents and abilities in the Kingdom
  • create a loving home

see the beauty within yourself and others

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