Antonio & Coletta Patterson founded MoveU4ward in 2010 to assist people in achieving their desired results through education, motivation, leadership training, individualized coaching and mentoring. Marcus & Chilesa Ready joined the team in 2016 adding their experience in relationship coaching, marriage ministry development and editing/writing. Under the leadership of Chilesa, the Editing Division helps writers prepare book manuscripts, bulletins, webpage posts and other materials for publication/print.

The MoveU4ward Team has over 30 years of combined experience conducting leadership conferences, marriage seminars, couples’ retreats, teen mentorship and marriage ministry programs. They have an active ministry and speaking schedule that allows them to enrich the lives of individuals equipping them in business, their relationships and personal endeavors.

At MoveU4ward, we are passionate about propelling you and/or your business to your specific God-given purpose! Our belief is that success is relative to the individual thus, we endeavor to create a personalized solution based on your particular need. Through coaching, consultation, powerful resources and one-on-one guidance, we are committed to seeing you achieve your best!

Meet The Team
Coletta Patterson Photo

Coletta Jones Patterson

“There’s MORE in you and there’s MORE for you!”

COLETTA is a business executive, certified life and mental health coach and speaker. She is also the Founder of Moveu4ward and Co-Founder of Kingdom Life Church and The Exodus Project—a teen mentoring program in Central Mississippi. She received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tougaloo College and a Master of Business Administration from the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. Her 15+ years’ experience working with youth and adults allows Coletta to bring simple truths that anyone can follow for success. With expertise in marketing, business administration, program and leadership development in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, she enjoys helping others become great leaders. Over the years, she has coached hundreds to achieving greater levels of success personally, as well as in their ministry and business. Known for helping others recognize strongholds, her insight empowers them to break through to new levels. Coletta is passionate about helping individuals get maximized results quicker. Her diverse experiences as a pastor’s wife, minister, business executive and entrepreneur have shaped her and inspired others to live the lives they have always desired.

One of her proudest moments was running the Mississippi Blues Marathon in January 2011. Through this endeavor, she learned the power of discipline and trusting God to complete the work He began. Coletta believes many people sell themselves short and place limits on their lives. With hard work, faith in God and a desire to excel, people can achieve their highest dreams.

Coletta is married to Antonio Patterson and is the mother of their three children. Coletta has written six books: God’s Masterpiece: Weaving Together the Pieces of Your Life, Developing Faith that Wins: Stories of My Journey, The Five Week Marriage Tune-Up (co-authored with Antonio Patterson), The Five Week Marriage Tune-Up Devotional (co-authored with Chilesa Ready), Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want and Fruit in Every Season. She also writes a weekly blog, Transformation Thursdays, and produces a weekly Beyond Stuck podcast.

Chilesa J Ready Photo

Chilesa Jones Ready

“There’s MORE in you and there’s MORE for you!”

CHILESA is an attorney, educator, author, speaker and minister whose contagious energy inspires listeners and readers alike to courageously live without limits. Growing up in Northwest Arkansas, she became the first African American female to graduate from her high school in 1995. She then attended Tougaloo College, a historically black college, on full scholarship after rejecting offers from many schools including Harvard, NYU and Vanderbilt. Graduating summa cum laude, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and Political Science and went on to receive a Juris Doctorate Degree from the William H. Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. In 2019, she founded the Limitless lifestyle brand and launched her website

Chilesa’s expertise in writing, forging collaborative efforts, and project management make her an invaluable asset. She has written numerous personal growth and fitness/wellness articles. As an editor, she has assisted many beginning authors and delights in the opportunity to make writing dreams a reality. She is most proud of her editorial work in Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope written by her father, the late Dr. Eddie W. Jones whom, because of his love for God and lifestyle of authentic worship, she considers her hero.

Chilesa hosts an annual Women’s Healing Retreat, co-hosts marriage enrichment events with her husband Marcus and is a certified Biblical Counselor and Life Coach. She is passionate about speaking life and hope to broken women and is author of Living a Limitless Life: Walking in the Realm of Possibility.

Chilesa believes a healthy “you” is one of the best ways to fully serve God, your family and your community. As a result, she is an avid runner having completed marathons, half marathons and shorter races in various states. She has been happily married to Marcus Ready since 2000 and resides in Phoenix, Arizona with their three lovely children.

Antonio L. Patterson

“Potential is the key.
Performance opens the door.””

ANTONIO is a sought-after educator, motivational speaker, consultant and minister who is passionate about helping others achieve success. Through his diverse experiences working with students in the Mississippi Delta, a Choctaw Indian Reservation and at a Christian Boarding School, he is trained to develop the potential within each student. He excels in transforming apathetic students into proficient learners. Antonio is also the founding pastor of Kingdom Life Church, where he pastored in Kosciusko, Mississippi for nine years. Kingdom Life Church hosted several community outreaches over the years which grew to impact hundreds of families–especially low income or underserved families.

Antonio is the founder and CEO of The Exodus Project—a teen mentoring non-profit in Central Mississippi—which has assisted over 100 youth in graduating from high school and enrolling in college from 2006 – 2017. The program had less than 5% teen pregnancy rate and less than 5% high school drop-out rate. Participants included college students majoring in culinary arts, biology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, political science, elementary education and others. The program also has students who are now in law school and doctoral programs. In 2015, upon returning to Northwest Arkansas, he began pouring his energy into returning to school and pursuing his dream to help others achieve better health. After working briefly with the Bentonville Schools as a science teacher, he completed a Master in Biomedical Science degree from the University of Mississippi Medical College and is also a Certified Medical Assistant. Antonio received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Tougaloo College and is a frequent speaker at youth and community events as well as church events. He also co-authored “The Five Week Marriage Tune-Up”. With his 20+ years of experience in education, ministry and medicine, he brings powerful truths and motivational guidance assisting individuals of all ages in finding their destiny. He is a firm believer that it is never too late to achieve your dreams and that anyone can re-invent themselves!

Marcus W. Ready

“Always work smarter, not harder.”

MARCUS is a native of North Little Rock, Arkansas. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona as an IT Technical Director at a major insurance company. He and his wife, Chilesa, have done marriage ministry for over 10 years hosting small groups, planning & facilitating marriage retreats and conducting marriage workshops and seminars. He has particular expertise in public speaking, event planning, office management, and people development.

In the past, Marcus served as the Marriage Ministry Director at New Creation Christian Fellowship in San Antonio Texas where he also served on the church’s Board of Directors. In Phoenix, Marcus serves as a Board member of the PSO at his children’s school, treasurer for his employer’s African American D&I group, and a mentor to several in the community.